Synos Brand offer wide range of PPE products include Safety Helmet, Safety Glasses & Goggle and Rocc Safety Shoe. All products are meet EN standard while come with well design and suitable for Asian size

Our Story

     Synos was born from the determination to make safety equipment of world class quality. Affordable price To ensure that all operators who use it have confidence in the safety equipment under the Synos brand.

   And what has never disappeared from us is that Synos is still committed to developing and search for innovations in safety equipment To make Synos products represent success and safety

ROCC Products Story

In 2012, the first ROCC shoe was born. It originated from safety shoes for work wear. and has a steel head to prevent harm to the toes. When it comes to safety shoes, everyone will know black steel toe shoes has a lot of weight It’s bulky, uncomfortable, and not fashionable. With this point, ROCC thinks it’s time to change the shape, weight of safety shoes that consumers understand under the slogan “Safety & Comfort” by launching the first product called ROCC 54 Series. From the concept of Light & Comfort, each weight does not exceed 540 grams, very light in that period. and also comfortable to wear. The model has been modified to be modern good quality genuine leather sewing with meticulousness and has Fast Hook technology to quickly release the shoe strap. Increase the efficiency of use even further, making ROCC 54 Series very popular. with an average total sales of more than 30,000 pairs per year and has been sold continuously for a long time Available in both heeled and ankle length options, the ROCC RC54 Series has sold more than 300,000 pairs from that date.

     In 2014, ROCC shoes took a leap of innovation with the release of a new model called the ROCC Cushy Series under the Modern Extra Light & Extra Comfort concept, weighing only 480 grams per shoe. Which was considered the lightest safety shoe at the time. The ROCC Cushy Series was unique. and has a sense of being young in a new era, confident and agile in every step A true safety shoe for the modern market, the ROCC Cushy Series is available in three models and three colours: black with white stripes, white with black stripes, and all black, which can be worn for work and life.

     2016 was the start of the Safety Sneaker trend, meaning consumers and markets became saturated with black safety shoes. With formal, heavy weight, they began to look for differences in the shoe market. ROCC recognized that need and was among the first brands on the market. Trying to awaken the Safety Sneaker trend, therefore, developed a new shoe model, the ROCC Urban Collection, which is a safety shoe. Designed like a sneaker, it’s made of high-quality, lightweight, genuine Nubuck leather. The new steel toe design expands the toe area to be wider than before. make the toes more space more comfortable to wear. The ROCC Urban Collection model is suitable for everyday. Can be used for a variety of activities There are 6 models to choose from according to your style.

     In 2018, the launch of the White 85 Series shoes, consisting of white shoes with heels wear without rope For use in laboratories, clean rooms, hospitals and white safety boots for the food industry. Both models have been well received. with sales of more than 3,000 pairs in the first year of launch And it’s a good pair of shoes for work.

     2020 is the year of a truly transformational ROCC from under “Safety & Comfort” since 2012 to “ROCC Everyday Everywhere”. ROCC views safety shoes as not just work shoes anymore. But look at it as a shoe for anytime, anywhere. Can be worn to work, travel or even hiking. You can do it too as the slogan above Therefore, 8 new product lines have been added to meet the diverse needs of consumers. And there are many price levels to choose from. One of them is the ROCC FALCON, a meticulously designed model. Exquisite sewing, durable and comfortable to wear. to suit every situation that you will encounter, no matter how hard and still looks good can wear Even on a truly casual day which this shoe Inspired by the question, “Why multiple pairs of shoes” when you only have one ROCC FALCON on it. It can be used everywhere every day.

                                                  “ROCC Everyday Everyday”

Our advantages.

  • We offer world class quality products.
  • We optimize price for your business
  • We offer best design products
  • We maximize your business potentials.
  • We have over 40 years of experience in safety equipment.